My dream

In order to be extremely boring I will tell you about the dream I had last night. I know there is very little in the world quite as boring as listening to someone else discussing their dreams, so here it goes.

The first half of my dream was all well and good, involving lots of events I can’t mention on this group. Then for some unknown reason the latter part of my dream required me to fill a fish tank which contained one evidently very important goldfish. As I tried to fill the fish tank with water it became more and more damaged and there was less and less water and the fish looked close to death. When this happened I transferred the fish to a new vessel, which appeared to be a dreamy concoction of glass and a carrier bag. Alas as the fish found its new home,this too began to deteriorate. I was not in a panic or fluster and my movements were all measured and mundane, I did not appear to particularly care if the fish died or not, I just carried on my task. My dream ended by me filling a new vessel with fish and water with the same consequence.

When I awoke I spent some time analysing how I could have better dealt with the task, but with no great conclusions.


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